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  • Artist:

    Yonder Mountain String Band

  • Album:

    Town By Town

Tabbed by AJ C.
Idaho by Yonder Mountain String Band
Key G Major

This is the most requested song they do. Beautiful number about a western 
state "filled with fish" as dave likes to say. Quite simple and here it is:

Intro riff:
a | ---0-2 | 
E | -3---- |  into C  D to >

g | --------------------0- | 
d | --------------0h2p0--- |  (bluegrass lick is often used in the key of G)
a | --------0h1h2--------- | 
E | -0--2-3--------------- |  into G

G      C
F   C x3

From Stanley up to Sunbeam
from Clayton on to Chalice
F                C
Heading down the Salmon river
F    C
To a rangeland palace
F    C          D
Sage brush all around

Verse 2:
Where the deer and elk do roam
This place I may call home
F                   C
Where the flatlands stretch for miles
F                 C
And the mountains touch the sky
F       C          D
And the sun always shines

      Em   C      D
In Idaho,  ohh ho ohh  x3
In Idaho

(jam factory)

Verse 3:
My mind is filled with images
Of saw-tooth bridges
Where the snow melt forms
Cold mountain creeks
Flowin' through the valley down below

Verse 4:
I was standing 'neath the pine trees
On a bed of wild grass
This place has captured me, well far I can see
There ain't no place I'd rather be.


Finish with the Intro Riff and you're done
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