• Song:

    Sorrow Is A Highway

  • Artist:

    Yonder Mountain String Band

  • Album:

    Town By Town

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Tabbed by AJ C.
Key E minor

This is a pretty number off Town by Town. It's fairly simple. I am going by the 
album version since I have not heard them play it live.

E5    G5   C5 D5   G5

Verse 1:
My heart is like the white line
C5             D5             C5        D5    G5
Divided, separated in these feelings over you
My mind, it is also like the white line      when without a bassist,
C5         D5            C5       D5     G5       walk down G5 G G5
Endlessly searching, a man without a clue

E5                               G5           D5
You've got me thinking there's a fire down below
C5                    G5             D5            G5     
'Round and 'round in circles is as far as I can go
C5                            G5      G/f# E5
Same old repetition, feeling up and down again
G5           C5   D5 *
Sorrow is a highway
   C5     D5        G5
It never seems to end

Jam 1: verse chords

Verse 2:
Another day, it is ending
  C5              D5  
I feel my feet upon the ground
    C5         D5    G5
And know they walk alone
What do I care now though if another day is ending
    C5               D5              C5         D5      G5
The days will end until my name is carved in stone alone

[ Chorus ]

Jam 2: Verse chords x2
       Chorus chords

Verse 3:
The time has come for leavin'
    C5             D5            C5      D5         G5
The time to fall away like the pedals leave the rose
But what good does this leavin'
      C5                   D5
I can still hear my heart breakin'
    C5        D5     G5
the sound it never goes

[ Chorus ]

    C5                           G5      G/f# E5
The same old repetition feelin' up and down again
G5          C5   D5 *
Sorry is a highway
   C5     D5        G5
It never seems to end

Outro: Intro chords

*The riff played runs down G Aeolian starting at A on the 3rd string after the D 
chord. I just mess around with it, Adam is too fast.
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