Capo 2

Standard Tuning

Key: A Major

Intro: C5 D5 G5 G5 C5 C5 D5 D5 X3
           C5 F5 C5 F5 G5


      C5            D5          G5                 C5    D5
To see you comin' 'round the bend

   C5              D5            G5                              C5                         D5
I just can't think of anything that can make me smile like you can

C5                    D5           G5                C5         F5      C5     F5     G5
When you're comin' 'round the bend


D5                                                         C5
I've been in love a time or two before

F5    C5                  F5                           G5                                 C5
And all of that experience allows me to be sure that you're the one

               F5   C5        D5   G5
Sure as darkness brings the rising sun

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