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B5                   F#5                           
Back into your arms because I just can't be
G5                   F#5
Anything outside of them
B5         F#5        
Reinvaginated just to rewind
            G5                           F#5
Back to the time I had a future I could see
B5 *                         F#5
Now I find that days slip through in loneliness
G5                     D5
Now I see it doesn't help to understand
A5        Bb?              B5                            
How the pain became world-sized
B5     E5 *                          
How I realized
      A5               B5                                
That life is losing friends

E | -2--
A | --2-

B5                        F#5                         
Try to see through these sheets of poetry
G5                     F#5                                       
And see what there is left
B5                       F#5                                                      
See, I'm sad 'cause I'm alone in this world and
G5                       F#5                              
Writing doesn't seem to help
B5                       F#5                                                       
Now she's gone like everyone I ever met
G5                  D5                                                
Now my suicide is lit by the sunset
A5           Bb?            B5         
It's pretty sad if you ask me
  B5               E5
I don't think I will be
A5                    B5
Around to see your face again
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