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                             BOULDER FAIR ? You Am I
Tabbed by: Tyler J
Email: full_metal_orange AT hotmail DOT com

Tuning: Capo 2nd

Chords Used (relative to capo)

   E Bm F#m Am G G/f# G/F Eo  C  D  A C#m Fm 

Intro- E  Bm  F#m  Am

E                      Bm
Tie the sheets to the green washing line
F#m                Am
And check if the weather's fine
E                       Bm
It's that time of the calender year
F#m               Am
The chateau and millenium wine
G                        G/f#
Are the kids washed and t-shirts clean
G/F                     Eo
Like your weekly with men's magazines
C     D

E                                Bm
By noon it's a sure thing that tempers will rise
F#m                  Am
As the first of the kegs is drained dry
E                 Bm
Contemplating the last of the roast
F#m                                     Am
Is that your wife that's kissing the under twelve's coach?
G                        G/f#
The prodigy's job is to drive the kids home
G/F                       Eo
Newspaper hats and a hair frosted comb
C    C D

BRIDGE-  A  C#m  F#m Fm F#m Fm
         A  C#m  F#m Dm F#m Fm

G                     G/f#
Have you caught up on your neighbour's life
G/F                            Eo   
let's drink to the red in the heart of the sky
C      D   C      D   C      D
It's over, it's over, it's over

Outro- E  Bm  F#m  Am
       E  Bm  F#m  Am
       E  E   E    E

Ending e--5--7--8--7-----
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