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Tabbed by: Tyler J
Tuning: Capo 2nd

Chords Used (relative to capo)

   E5 B5 F#5 A5 G5 G/f# G5 E?  C5  D5  A5 C#5 F5 

Intro- E5  B5  F#5  A5

E5                      B5
Tie the sheets to the green washing line
F#5                A5
And check if the weather's fine
E5                       B5
It's that time of the calender year
F#5               A5
The chateau and millenium wine
G5                        G/f#
Are the kids washed and t-shirts clean
G5                     E?
Like your weekly with men's magazines
C5     D5

E5                                B5
By noon it's a sure thing that tempers will rise
F#5                  A5
As the first of the kegs is drained dry
E5                 B5
Contemplating the last of the roast
F#5                                     A5
Is that your wife that's kissing the under twelve's coach?
G5                        G/f#
The prodigy's job is to drive the kids home
G5                       E?
Newspaper hats and a hair frosted comb
C5    C5 D5

BRIDGE-  A5  C#5  F#5 F5 F#5 F5
         A5  C#5  F#5 D5 F#5 F5

G5                     G/f#
Have you caught up on your neighbour's life
G5                            E?   
let's drink to the red in the heart of the sky
C5      D5   C5      D5   C5      D5
It's over, it's over, it's over

Outro- E5  B5  F#5  A5
       E5  B5  F#5  A5
       E5  E5   E5    E5

Ending e--5--7--8--7-----
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