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A Em G D  ( B F#m A E )  x2

Walks like a crooked tooth
And sleeps with a dexedrine smile
Keeps finding the holes where old memory can go
And wash it down liquefied

F# G B C ( Ab A C# A ) x1

Keep that old door swinging
Coz you can be the freeloader 

E G ( F# A ) x1
When it's closing time
When it's closing time

? Biss ( F#m? A E B )

  E                          G           D      
Whatcha gonna do, there?s nothing to see, but something?s got you down 
        A                              E                     G
on your knees, crawling through the dirt to see where it hurts, and 
D                       A                        G          D                  
really got you down by degrees, think I?m gonna die, from tryin?to kick 
a hole in the sky.

? end of chorus riff (im sure this isnt right but its almost there)

     C             G

Verse 2: (same as 1)
Yer walls are plastered with ham-fist drunks
And fagans wrapped in denim and smoke
So tell me what chance did you happen to dance
With the step that kicked yer feet in the boat

Prechorus 2:
Loose band on the radio
All static and clashin' a hob-nailed hint 
You're never losing ground
It's just the way it sounds

Chorus again

You cover me like the sunshine kisses the day

But a pulse starts in my gut now
And it's gonna make us pay

Solo - over chorus chords

Repeat chorus
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