A5 E5 G5 D5  ( B5 F#5 A5 E5 )  x2

Walks like a crooked tooth
And sleeps with a dexedrine smile
Keeps finding the holes where old memory can go
And wash it down liquefied

F#5 G5 B5 C5 ( Ab5 A5 C#5 A5 ) x1

Keep that old door swinging
Coz you can be the freeloader 

E5 G5 ( F#5 A5 ) x1
When it's closing time
When it's closing time

? Biss ( F#m? A5 E5 B5 )

  E5                          G5           D5      
Whatcha gonna do, there?s nothing to see, but something?s got you down 
        A5                              E5                     G5
on your knees, crawling through the dirt to see where it hurts, and 
D5                       A5                        G5          D5                  
really got you down by degrees, think I?m gonna die, from tryin?to kick 
a hole in the sky.

? end of chorus riff (im sure this isnt right but its almost there)

     C5             G5

Verse 2: (same as 1)
Yer walls are plastered with ham-fist drunks
And fagans wrapped in denim and smoke
So tell me what chance did you happen to dance
With the step that kicked yer feet in the boat

Prechorus 2:
Loose band on the radio
All static and clashin' a hob-nailed hint 
You're never losing ground
It's just the way it sounds

Chorus again

You cover me like the sunshine kisses the day

D5 E5 G5 A5
But a pulse starts in my gut now
And it's gonna make us pay

Solo - over chorus chords

Repeat chorus
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