• Song:

    If You Run Acoustic

  • Artist:

    You Me At Six

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This is like a rough tab and is sung quite high.

Figure out the strumming for ur self shudnt be to hard.
this is not the intro btw its an acoustic tab from the verse to the chorus.
First verse:- They say the problems come, come and pass and i am number one so take
a look at your friends.

e --------------------------------------------------------------|
b --------------------------------------------------------------|
g ---5----7----(b9)---7----5----7---(b9)----x2----------------------|
d ---5----7----(b9)---7----5----7---(b9)----------------------------|
a ---3----5----7----5----3----5---7-----------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------------|

If You run...

-- dont actually know this pre bit but message me n let me know if you do know it Thnks..

If You run away you wont stay, and thats so cool.....
                                         Take it away.....
e --------------------------|------------|--------------|----------|
b --------------------------|------------|--------------|----------|
g ---5-----7-----(b9)---7-----|--5---7---(b9)|--5--7--(b9)-5--|--7---5---|
d ---5-----7-----(b9)---7-----|--5---7---(b9)|--5--7--(b9)-5--|--7---5---|
a ---3-----5-----7----5-----|--3---5---7-|--3--5--7--3--|--5---3---|
E --------------------------|------------|--------------|----------|
The rest is similer i think any way just keep using the tabs for the verse n chorus.

I Hope this helped. My first time tabbing by ear soo (yn) you all like it and it helps 
its an acoustic version so it dosen't sound exsact

Ezzee xx
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