• Song:

    Give Me My Change

  • Artist:

    Young Hines

  • Album:

    Give Me My Change

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Give me my f****ng change back, yeah give me my f****ng change

Like a nail without a hammer my head would've stayed the same

But you've driven me into walls now, where I can't even see the paint

My head is flat, my sight is black, this is a heart attack


A5         Ab5   C#5    B5
Change me back (Change me Back) X 3

My world is sacked, the line is hacked, I thought there was no looking back

Verse 2: (Same chords as before)

Walking down the street and no one looks me in the eyes
The cheapest costume on the racks the invisible disguise
It was such a long road down here, to reach these incredible heights
The change was nice, but what a price, not sure it's worth the sacrifice

Chorus: Same as first chorus


e | ---------------------------- | 
B | ---------------------------- | 
G | ---------------------------- | 
D | ---------------------------- | 
A | ------------4-----0--2------ | 
E | ---4--3--0-----4--------4--- | 

Repeat as needed

The last verses and chorus are the same except with the time change during the last 
verse, it just loses the swing feel and becomes 4/4.

Lyrics for the end:

So I'm looking in the mirror, let me ask you once again
How could you take me from my life and so far from my friends
I know that times were hard then, but the we were making ends
The grass was green but now we've seen that cash don't buy the finer things

Living in a four four time world much in need of swing
And everybody's only worried with their precious jing-a-ling
I told you this before, you slammed the door, cause you knew everything
But now it's in your chest, the cigarettes, the IRS you failed the test

Change me back (Change me back) X3
My world is sacked, the line is hacked I thought there was no looking back

Repeat Break
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