• Song:

    Fake Wings

  • Artist:

    Yuki Kajiura

  • Album:

    .hack//SIGN Original So...

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Capo 3rd or 5th Fret to be ok with the song or the Soundtrack of .Hack//Sign.

A5                    E5
Shine bright morning light
            F5        E5       A5
Now in the air the spring is coming.
A5            E5
Sweet blowing wind
            F5        E5     A5
Singing down the hills and valleys.

F5                 E5
Keep your eyes on me
          D5             E5
Now we're on the edge of hell.
         A5                  E5
Dear my love, sweet morning light
         F5                    E5           A5
wait for me, you've gon much farther, too far.
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