• Song:

    What A Long Day

  • Artist:

    Yuri De Lee

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Transcribed by Pantuflo Zapatilla

      I can't believe hown anybody has sent any song of this young
Spanish-Writer yet. This is my first contribution, it ain't too much, but,
well, the song is really nice, and these chords sound good. It'll sound
even better if you use arpegios. Play,play & play!


D               Bm
I got no, I got no money down
F#m                         Bm
the tears are cried and the seeds are sown
D                 Bm
I miss no girl and I miss no home
F#m                   Bm
I travel faster 'cos I travel alone


G                Bm
And the night is quiet_____
G             x
and my eyes are tired
Bm               D
What a long day, what a long day
Bm             D             Bm D Em
what a long day, what a long day


I left my baby and now I'm brokendown
How she feels I'm wonderin' now
She was my only one and now she's my only none
(Non-voice line)


G                    D              Em  Am
Now don't you try to understand the way I'd take
G                  F#m           Am
Don't you even try to understand if I'm
G          D
Outta your way


At work the bossman gave me to hell
Troubles fill my mind, troubles fill my head
At home I can't stay so I drive all night
comin' back home with the dawn light

-CHORUS (3 times and fade out)
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