• Song:

    About The Future

  • Artist:

    Yves Klein Blue

  • Album:

    Ragged & Ecstatic

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Tabbed by: Nelson3891
Email: nelly_demartini@hotmail.com

Beautiful little song, unfortunately I can only work out this last bit where it 
gets really intense.  
If anyone can tab the first bit I would love them forever.


     F    A   Dm   A#    X    C
e | ---1----5----5----6----5----8-------------- |   
B | ---1----5----6----6----5----8-------------- |   Im not entirely sure about
G | ---2----6----7----7----5----9-------------- |   that X chord but michael
D | ---3----7----7----8----5----10------------- |   seems to play something  
A | ---3----7----5----8----6----10------------- |   like that...
E | ---1----5----5----6----5----8-------------- | 

     F                 A
So please don?t let me go without you
Dm             A#
My heart never shows without you,

F                  A
Lately things have been so distant,
Dm                          A#    
And I don?t know what I can do to fix this,

F                     A
Why don?t you love me like you used to?
Dm             X
Why do I worry about the future?

Was it just that how we managed,
Was not by love but force of habbit?

F                   A
And if only I could be a man,
    Dm                A#
And rip down all your dreams and plans,

    F                 A
And smashing all your pretty things,
       Dm                   A#
So the only thing you could see was me,

F                           A
Well what we?ve done should be a crime,
             Dm                    X
We should be locked up so we never see the light,

So in the darkness we could see,
How worthless all our live must be,

       F                     A
If two lovers like us could drift apart,
      Dm                      A#   
There must be something wrong with our hearts,

   F                    A
Or something wrong with all of us,
   Dm               A#
To never care until dreams are lost,

F                     A
Why don?t you love me like you used to, 
Dm             A#  
Why do I worry about the future?

Cheers, Nelson
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