• Song:

    About The Future

  • Artist:

    Yves Klein Blue

  • Album:

    Ragged & Ecstatic

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Tabbed by: Nelson3891
Email: nelly_demartini@hotmail.com

Beautiful little song, unfortunately I can only work out this last bit where it 
gets really intense.  
If anyone can tab the first bit I would love them forever.


     F    A   Dm   A#    X    C
e | ---1----5----5----6----5----8-------------- |   
B | ---1----5----6----6----5----8-------------- |   Im not entirely sure about
G | ---2----6----7----7----5----9-------------- |   that X chord but michael
D | ---3----7----7----8----5----10------------- |   seems to play something  
A | ---3----7----5----8----6----10------------- |   like that...
E | ---1----5----5----6----5----8-------------- | 

     F5                 A5
So please don?t let me go without you
D5             A#5
My heart never shows without you,

F5                  A5
Lately things have been so distant,
D5                          A#5    
And I don?t know what I can do to fix this,

F5                     A5
Why don?t you love me like you used to?
D5             X
Why do I worry about the future?

Was it just that how we managed,
Was not by love but force of habbit?

F5                   A5
And if only I could be a man,
    D5                A#5
And rip down all your dreams and plans,

    F5                 A5
And smashing all your pretty things,
       D5                   A#5
So the only thing you could see was me,

F5                           A5
Well what we?ve done should be a crime,
             D5                    X
We should be locked up so we never see the light,

So in the darkness we could see,
How worthless all our live must be,

       F5                     A5
If two lovers like us could drift apart,
      D5                      A#5   
There must be something wrong with our hearts,

   F5                    A5
Or something wrong with all of us,
   D5               A#5
To never care until dreams are lost,

F5                     A5
Why don?t you love me like you used to, 
D5             A#5  
Why do I worry about the future?

Cheers, Nelson
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