• Song:

    Getting Wise

  • Artist:

    Yves Klein Blue

  • Album:

    Getting Wise

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--------Yves Klein Blue Gettin Wise----------

tabbed by: ja_._@hotmail.com

     A  Bm  D  E Fm  A/Bb  C#  E2 Fm2

you can also play the chords otherways it doesnt really matter.

|A   ||Bm   D (E2)|    the e chord is played on the last beat
those are the chords for the intro, find the rhythm by listening

Verse 1
Oh, youre steeped in the winters chase
                Bm        Fm       Bm
Even before the Tenenbaum has all dried up,
E                             A             A/Bb
But Im going to teach to you different this time
Bm                            E
Im awful clever as you almost certainly know.

Verse 2
(Same chord progression for the verses.)

Pre Chorus
          D            C#               Fm          E
There are few who will know where their heart truly lie,
        A              E              Bm        Fm
For the rest theres no hope: they can barely decide!
     A          C#         Fm(2) F    D
So a few um and ah so they never ever start!
          A                       E
So if you want my advice you dont have to ask me twice Ill tell you darling:

(Is exactly the same as intro)
A                  Bm                    D      E
     We're getting wise tryin to find our feet

Verse 3
as before

        C#                             D
Or else run, you could hide, you could see what its like,
           A                       E
Youll soon find its no fun to have fun all the time!
        C#                        D
Go find God in some form, let his love keep you warm,
        A                     E
Its entirely your call if he calls you.
       C#                      D                          A                          E
But if you would desire in all things to be wise youll be none the wiser if you ever get there,
    C#                     D                        A      E
The truth of your idols is most of them died before anybody saw.

Pre Chorus
          D            C#               Fm          E
There are few who will know where their heart truly lie,
          A         E           Bm          Fm
much less I, Im not nearly as clever as Id like.
        A         C#            Fm(2)E       D
So what I mean to say is I dont know what to say!

Chorus (a number of times)
as before

and thats it
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