• Song:

    A Fool For Your Stockings

  • Artist:

    ZZ Top

  • Album:

    Chrome, Smoke & BBQ (di...

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A Fool For Your Stockings ? ZZ Top

Am/F    Dmsus
1            0
1            3
2            2
2            0

D5 D+ Dm D-E string (2x)     Am^  C^  Am^  B^   D|-7-5-3-2-|
Am    Am  (2x)

[v. 1]
       Am                  Am/F        Am                            Am/F
Is it you walking outside, just banging on the front door?
        Am                Am/  F                Am                     Am/f
You said you had enough, now you coming back for more.

                  Dm     Dmsus      Dm     Dmsus
But that's alright,
                  Am       Am/F      Am     Am/F
I said that that's alright.
I may not want to admit it,
B7                                    E7                        Am     Am/F    Am   Am/F
    I'm just a fool for your stockings I believe.

[v. 2]
Now I don't mind when you send money,
And bring your girlfriends with you.
But how could one be so thoughtless, to try handle less than two.

[Inst. 2x]
Now I'm telling everybody, it seems too good to be true.
Sweet things can always get sweeter, I know mine did how 'bout

[Yes it's alright, I said yes it yes it is, that's alright.?]

(Inst. & fade)
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