• Song:

    Bet On It

  • Artist:

    Zac Efron

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Verse 1 :

Everybody`s always talkin` at me
Gis                  G
Everybody`s tryin` to get in my head
I wanna listen to my own heart talkin`
Gis                  G
I need to count on myself instead

Pre-chorus :

Did you ever lose yourself to get what you want?
Did you ever get on a ride then wanna get off?
Did you ever push away the ones you should`ve held close?
Did you ever let go?
Did you ever not know?

Chorus :

C                   G
I`m not gonna stop, that`s who i am
Gis                    F
I?ll give it all I got that is my plan
C                        G
Will I find what I lost? You know you can
Gis                 F
Bet on it,bet on it,bet on it,bet on it
C                     G
I wanna make it right that is the way
Gis                      F
To turn my life around today is the day
C                        G
Am I the type of guy who means what I say?
Gis                 F                          C.....
Bet on it,bet on it,bet on it,bet on it !!!

These chords are the same in the whole song! It`s just like :
Verse      : C Gis G
Pre-chorus : C F Gis F G
Chorus     : C G Gis F
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