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A (2 measures)- E - D
Space and time what a feeling oh my. 
When your dreaming and your on a scent.
And you feel just like your flying.
You feel like arms are opening, and your hands are stretching out.
So you release yourself to the love, and you shout.
In this space and time.
Your home is in your mind.
Ya a place to rejoice. Just know that your so fine.
Your heart it tends to drift. Let it float right off the cliff.
As it lands in the abiss. And we're on a new riff.
F#m - E - D - A - E
Just singing out oh. Just let go.
Round and round. We go.
Love is in the sound you know. 
A (2 measures) - D -E
THrough the air and clouds. We feel things all around.
Ya those chills go up, and chills go down.
Wondering who can slow it down.
As sounds sweep through the air around.
And lights light up the place we've found.
The morning sun, it starts to rise.
Some are mean and some can be so polite.
So with the right tone and with the right chord.
It's guarantee'd to feel right.
Breakdown - A-E-F#m-D
Bm - D - F#m - E x2
So just wait til the night when you see the starlight.
She pulls the sheets close and tucks you in at night.
And you feel yourself leaving on a virtual flight.
Of the world from such a great height.
A - D - E
Your celebrating your life.
You got passed first base, time and space morph with grace.
Your pupils widen. Cool air moves across your face.
The time has come for you to take the stage.
You dreamt of love and it fell in place.
So lets celebrate the entire human race.
Theres over a hundred million ways.
The road less traveled by is the one  we'll take.
So don't we know which road we'll take.
The one you choose is the one I'll go down with you.
So lets go down everyday. It's gonna be such a sweet race.
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