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Waiting On The Tide To Change

F           Dm          Am        Bb        C
Well theres something that I have to say
That it's all gonna be okay.
So don't worry your life away.
Baby Baby.

We are walking along this path.
Nice and slow no need to go fast.
Every moment that seems to pass is another reaction to a life so good at last.
So we walk steady. 
Steady to the rhythm to the rhythm of love.
We take pride in flying high above if we crash at least we'll crash happy and in love.

Gm              Am           Bb          C
You are fine. No your not mine. You're never wrong your always right.
You are another perfect mother under another lovers arms.
And I believe. I believe. I believe.

F         Dm         Am       Bb        C
I believe in a change. I believe in the rain. 
I believe it can wash away something old just to bloom a new thought.
I feel as if we can go green. I feel as if you can be seen.
I feel like you can be heard and how do you say your words so good.
I know it can be hard. I know the road seems long.
I know I know I know.
How do you do it? How do you flow.
I know a change is coming along and until then I am just.

Gm        Am           Bb         C
Waiting on the tide to change.
Just waiting on the tide to change.
I am just waiting. I am just wait wait wait waiting on the tide to change.
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