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    Don't Talk About Yesterday

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Dont Talk About Yesterday Chords by Barney Bentall

Don't Talk About Yesterday				Barney Bentall

Verse 1

[D]I get a [A]bit senti[Bm]mental, [G]right around closing [D]time,
And I find myself [A]on the phone, looking [G]for a dime.
[D] I know I [A]shouldn't [Bm]call her, but I [G]don't really have a [D]choice.
I'll use up all my [A]dignity to hear that [G]pretty voice.
"Well [A]how ya doin' [Bm]darlin'?  You know it's [G]been a long time
You've been on my mind.  [A]Do you miss me [Bm]baby?"


[G]She [A]said "Don't talk about [D]yesterday,
[A]don't tell me it was [G]better back then.
Don't talk about the [D]good old days.
[A]It'll never be [G]that way again."...[A]

Verse 2

[D]She don't [A]like to re[Bm]member [G]back when life was [D]fun.
We'd go out dancin' and [A]come home with the[G]risin' sun.
[D]And now she's goin', she's [A]goin' back to [Bm]school.
She's [G]got these crazy [D]dreams, but this boy [A]can't enjoy
 being [G]part of that scene.
[A]So I told her [Bm]"Darlin', you know it's [G]been a mistake
for us to separate.  [A]How I miss you [Bm]baby."



And now the band is playin' slow, I like to sing along.
It's that old George Jones tune, it used to be our favorite song.
Yeah I know...

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