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    Don't Just Stand There

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Dont Just Stand There Chords by Hermans Hermits

Dm G C C
C                      C7                 F
You look as though you can't make up your mind,
D7                    G             G7
so leave your latest big mistake behind.
C                      F           C   F    E
You know that you were better off when love was good n' true,
D                           G           G7
the good ol' days when I was there with you.

C             D7          G            G7
So don't just stand there, hurry back to me,
C       D7      G            G7
I'll be waitin' like I used to be
       C           C7          F                   D7
I will put my arms around you, you'll feel my love surround you
once again.
play that twice.

C                E7     A7
Don't just stand there, give a hand there
Dm         G                  C
don't just stand there, hurry back to me.
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