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    Right Here By My Side

  • Artist:

    Full Voice

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Compose by: Jerson Mitchell Ramos
date: April 22,2007

--Right here by my side--

Intro: Bm-G-C-A(power chords po lahat)(2X)

Bm       G      D                  A  
Shining stars please tell me your secrets
Bm              G         D                   A
please help me find, the girl that i wanted to see
Bm            G       D         A
beneath the skies, i will find you...

G         A
i will find you baby..
G             A
and say im really sorry..
G  -  A
G  -  A

          Bm         G
when the stars are crying
D                  A
im sure you'll be mine
       Bm            G
then i need, when i need you
D           A    -  (G 2X)
right here by my side 
(repeat 2X)

Bm         G         D            A--
Im here tonight, looking up the stars
-------------Bm                  G
beneath the skies, where ever you go
     D           A              G
i promise you, this is my final words..

Refrain 2:
G  -  A          G
that i love you..
G  -  A          G
that i need you..
G     -     A   -   G
please don't go away..
G     -     A   -   G
please don't go away...
(repeat chorus 4X)

Bm      G             D
before i go, there's only one thing
  A               G    -     A
you should know, that i love you
G   -   A
and i care for you
G   -A  G  - A  - Bm(break)
**try nio poh ito AHH!!!.... <".>**
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