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Ok. This is my first attempt at making a tab so go easy. lol.
It might not be perfect but this is how I play it cuz I haven't found any other 
tabs for this song...

I love Tatu and this song is great so here it goes!

(please comment & rate)

Tatu "We Shout" (standard tuning)

.:Verse 1:.

Am(single strum)  F(single strum)
I will forget my dreams
Am(single strum)    F(single strum)
Nothing is what it seems

Am         F
I will affect you
C           G
I will protect you
Am               F     C       G
From all of the crazy schemes

Am                  F
You traded in your wings
Am                      F
For everything freedom brings
Am            F
You never left me
C              G
You never let me
Am             F       C 
See what this feeling means


G           Dsus2     Am
Everything that you feel
G             Dsus2   Am
Is everything that I feel
G           Dsus2   Am
So when we dream
          G   Dsus2  Am
We shout

.:Verse 2:.

Am               F
You say it's so complex
Am                    F
Passion can pass for less
Am       F
We never bothered
C             G
Telling each other
Am           F         C     G
What we were bound to guess

Am            F
Will anybody care?
Am            F
We could go anywhere
Am             F
Going through danger
C             G
Talking to strangers
Am             F       C     G
Will there be someone there?

.:Repeat Chorus:.

Hope you liked it!

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