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    I Call Your Name

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(intro) D  G  Am   (4x)
        D Am D G  (4x)

         D          Am                   G     D G Am
We got married on a cold mid-winter?s morning
We said our lines
Then kissed
             G    D G Am
And it was over
          Bm                    G
Those pronouncements had such weight
              Am            G
I guess they made us hesitate
       D   Am D Am
When she moved her hips
      Am             G       D G Am
And swayed in my direction
I thought we could make it yet
     Am             G    D G Am
And beat the isolation
Bm                   G
But in that gentle dark
         Am              G
Man, we tore ourselves apart
              D        G
Through the fire and rain
               D             G
Through the wilderness and pain
               D                 Am
Through the losses, through the gains
             D             G
On love?s roller coaster train
               D  Am D G
I call your name
           Am           G     D G Am
Oh God ... we used to laugh
         D          Am
Is the fire dying, baby
             G    D G Am
It hurts to ask
        Bm             G
Let my hold you for awhile
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