• Song:

    Price We Pay

  • Artist:

    A Day To Remember

Tune-age: Dropped C (low to high) CGCFAD

D|----3-------|    D|----3-------|
A|------3-----|	   A|------3-----|
F|---------7~~|	   F|---------7~~|
C|--0~---0-5~~| X3 C|--0~---0-5~~|
G|3~-------7~~|	   G|0~-------7~~|
C|------------|    C|------------|
Repeat both some number of times

D|--3-----|    D|--3-----|
A|--3--8~-|    A|--3--8~-|
F|--0--7~~|    F|--0--7~~|
C|-----5~~| x3 C|-----5~~|
G|3~---7~~|    G|3~---7~~|
C|--------|    C|--------|

strum at random he they start singing, 'n repeat that last bit a butt load of times ^.^
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