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F5                           C5                        G5
She started dancing at the second that she heard the music play
    A5        G5
(She's always moving)
F5                          C5               
She looks at me but then I look back at her
She turns away
           A5           G5
(She knows exactly what she's doing)
F5                    C5                      G5 
She moves closer and I'm thinking to myself that she's all mine
 A5        G5
(She's all mine)
F5                        C5                  G5             A5      G5
We start talking and she takes my hand like she does this all the time
Go! Go! Go!
C5                      G5                        A5 G5
You never had the time because you move too slow
And I know, know, know
C5                              G5
That she could care less about love
A5            G5
It's just for fun
I'm just another one

"same for the next verses"

Cause she can't
Ever fall in love
Cause this is who she is
            A5  G5   F5 
And this is all she knows
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