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G5     B5                         A5 
You're here looking like my best friend 
 B5         B5   E5 
Hoping you'll find a way 
     C#5                      A5   D5 
To tell me you just can't stay 

  G5              B5                     A5 
You laughed hard at the world, I know 
B5          B5       E5 
Now that the seasons show 
     E5                    C5    D5           G5   G5 
To tell me, love, your heart will soon mend 

A5           B5 
We counted everyday 
Only to show we needed each other 
A5               B5 
Who needs a reason to love 
        E5        E5   C5 
When friends just seem to know 
They know it 

G5      B5                           A5 
*You have lots of dreams, I know 
B5                B5         E5 
Now it's the close of the show 
E5                           C5 
Let's hope it'll all passes by in the end 
So get yourself along 
                      G5      G5 
You're my best friend 
A5  B5  D5  D5  A5  ( B5 , B5 )  ( E5 , E5 ) 

                  C5  ( Dsus4, D5 ) 

Repeat * 
G5  ( B5 , B5 )  A5  G5
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