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F  C/E  Bbx2  F  C/E  Bbx2 
F                                 C/E 
Now you tell me that the time is right 
You've let your feeling go 
Bb                          C                          F  ( F/C , C ) 
And you know I won't use them up too fast 
F                               C/E 
I can't promise you the best there is 
But, oh, I'm gonna try 
Bb                   C                F     ( F , C/E ) 
I'm never gonna let you go tonight 
      Dm                                   Am 
Tonight, the start of a love to remember 
      Dm                                    Gm    Gm/C 
Tonight, a love that will never be ended 
    ( F , Cm/Eb ) Bb/D     ( F , Cm/Eb ) Bb/D 
Tonight,                    tonight  
F                                         C/E 
Let me take you where there's no return 
             Dm9                            Dm9/C 
Where dreams can all come true 
Bb                                      C                     F  ( F/C , C ) 
I've got the feeling we've been holding on too long 
F                            C/E 
What we're feeling is ours alone 
      Dm9                    Dm9/C 
No one will ever know 
Bb                               C   F  ( F , C/E ) 
Just how we feel about tonight 
Instrumental:  Dmx2  Amx2  Dmx2  Gm  Gm/C 
                   ( F , Cm/Eb )  Bb/D  ( F , Cm/Eb )  Bb/D 
Bb              Csus4                       F 
How many times has love fallen through 
            Eb                      Bb/D 
When I left it all up to you 
I took your words when you said 
       Dm                Dm/C 
It's got to be just right 
    Gm/Bb             ( Gm/Bb ,  Am/C )  ( Am/D  , D ) 
I need you now, I need you now 
CHORUS (key= 
G )  Emx2  Bmx2  Emx2  Am  Am/D
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