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Verse 1
F5            C5       D5
Please just say the words
    Bb5    F5          G5     A5
I wanna hear, don't shed a tear
      Bb5      F5
Just sit and wait
      C5         D5     Bb5        F5
Tell me you'll wait, I want you here
   G5       A5
I need you here

      Bb5      C5         D5         Bb5    F5                
Cause I just need some time, some time alone 
G5            A5    C5    Bb5    C5        D5
Speak at the tone, cause I, I won't be here
     C5      F5            G5      A5
So wait my dear, please wait my dear

Verse 2. 
F5           C5          D5         Bb5       F5
Thanks for all you've done, for there is none
     G5    A5     Bb5       F5
That I can do, to pay you back
       C5        D5          Bb5        F5
These days are black, and nights are blue
        G5       A5
While there's no you

Bridge: Oh oh oh.. etc. Same chords as chorus. 

Verse 1
Outro: Same as verse.

God bless you. (:
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