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    Aj Roach

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tab by:  Eitan Altshuler

*The chords are not in sync with the lyrics.  Sorry, I really tried, but Ultimate 
Guitar Archives automatically jumbles them - and there is nothing I can do about it.

Capo on 1st Fret

       Am       F/E          G                    Am
The air is alive with sneezes and screams
                        F/E                  G                   Am
the tearing of tendons, the hatching of schemes
                      F                     G                    Am
Who am I to pretend that I know what it means
                                F/E                G
Who are we to be judging you now

         C                    F/E                   G                    Am
Float away on the lens that your tore from my eye
           C                     F/E                             G
With a shirt from my drawer, your main sail
           C                       F/E              G                  Am
All the young men in training to don the disguise
               C                         F/E            G
that you once taught me so well to wear

Mentholated is the smoke that you blow
You lost all your money in the traveling show
What am I supposed
.... to do with you now

Let it go 'cause there's no one who cares for you now
You can show your own way to the door
Torn apart by the dogs when you leapt from the bow
For the cream colored collar you wore

Oh - oooooooh.............

Shut me out, shut your mouth 'cause I've been here before
On the plateau of promises, empty you swore
With a bare bandolier, my poor heart marched to war
To be slain like the rest within site of your shore  (x2)

Your oh...oooooo......
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