• Song:

    Moon River

  • Artist:

    Audrey Hepburn

  • Album:

    Moon River

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This is from the movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's".  It was actually written by Henry
but it's in a different key when Audrey sing it (originally it was in C).  I love this song
no one had gotten it right, so here are, at least to my ear, the correct chords:

Fmaj7  Dm7     Bbmaj7       Fmaj7
Moon   River,  Wider than a mile
     Bbmaj7          Fmaj7
I'm crossing you in style
     Gm7  A7    Dm7    F7
Some day    old dream maker
    Bbmaj7  Ebmaj7
You heart  breaker
   Dm7          Bm7b5 E7       Am7 D7       
Wherever you're go-   ing, I'm go- ing your way
F  Dm7      Bbmaj7             Fmaj7
Two  drifters, off     to see the world
        Bbmaj7         Fmaj7    Gm7  A7
There's such  a lot of world to see
      Am7       Bm7b5    Bb7    Fmaj7
We're after the same  rainbow's end
Bbmaj7                  Fmaj7
Waiting just around the bend
Bbmaj7          Fmaj7
My huckleberry friend
Dm7  Gm7   A7      Fmaj7
Moon river     and me.

Chords used (they are jazz chords so they can be a bit tricky if you aren't used to the 
Fmaj7:  1-x-2-2-1-x-------|
Dm7:    x-5-x-5-6-x-------|
Bbmaj7: 6-x-7-7-6-x OR x-1-3-2-3-x-|
Gm7:    3-x-3-3-3-x-------|
A7:     5-x-5-6-x-x-------|
F7:     1-x-1-2-x-x-------|
Ebmaj7: x-6-8-7-8-x-------|
Bm7b5:  x-2-3-2-3-x----------------|
E7:     x-7-6-7-x-x-------|
Am7:    5-x-5-5-5-x-------|
D7:     x-5-4-5-x-x-------|
C7:     x-3-2-3-x-x-------|

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