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    I Still Aint Over You

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I Still Aint Over You
Album Version
Capo 1

live and acoustic he plays this with same chords, but capo 2

This should be accurate although timing may be slightly off, listen song to get it down 
 In chorus the F is played for the same length as both C and G together (which isnt 
reflected in the tab), listen to get it down.

C      Am7      F      C
out of luck and out of tune
half a day and night confused
love may wash away the blues
        C      G      C
but i still ain't over you

damn the day that i forgot
came so close and almost lost
it's been on year and fourteen months
but i still ain't over you

F        C      G      F
hey, i'm the blood in your veins
     C     G      F
i'm the cold when it rains
    C      G      F   G
i'm your heart when it breaks
F          C      G      F
time, no it ain't on our side
      C     G      F
i'm the truth to your lie
C        G      F      G
i'm your tear when you cry

back and forth, and side to side
right ain't wrong if wrong ain't right
well i will love you day and night
'cause i still ain't over you

F     Am7      G      C
when the walls come crashing in
when the flames come closer then
just remember time again
i still ain't over you...

C Am7 F C (2x)


C Am7 F C (2x)
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