• Song:

    Stars And Boulevards

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    You'll Disappear

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Tabber-Kirk Quiqley

*Verese 1*

Am    C
Wait, dear
G       Dsus4     D               Am      C 
A white horse is walking down my street here
G       Dsus4      D  Dsus2            Am   C 
Your words are creeping at my feet I fear
G       Dsus4        D   Dsus2       C      Am
Sunrise will come too soon and you’ll disappear
G        Dsus4   D        Am       G
Into the haze of a city and go south
C D Dsus4 D
Oh no…

*Verse 2*

Am   C
Look out
G       Dsus4    D            Am  C
They’re coming after us with big guns
G            Dsus4   D                        Am   C
They’re only going to tell you all the bad things I’ve done
G          Dsus4   D                 Am      C
Even if the words they say aren’t true they’ve won
G                 D         
Now I’m left here dying in the sun


Am  C
G       D Dsus4 Dsus2        Am    C
Seems like I’m always on my owwwwnnn...
G      D    Dsus4   Dsus2    Am   C
Seems like I’m never coming hoooome
G     D Dsus4 Dsus4          Am     C
Seems like I'm always on my owwwwnnn...
Am                   C 
All the stars and boulevards
 G           D Dsus4 Dsus2
Ain't close enough for you

*Verse 3*

Am   C
Late nights
G     Dsus4    D 
Won’t do me justice
Am           C
Cause when I drink I
G      Dsus4       D  
Just get so damn depressed
Am            C
And it’s, it’s not like
   G          Dsus4      D
I ain’t trying to get over you
  Am              C     
It’s just hard to look at all the
G         Dsus4    D  
Seasons pass me over too
And I said

*Repeat Chorus*

Am  C
One last
G       Dsus4    D
Phone call from you
D          Am   C
It wouldn’t hurt much
   G          Dsus4     D   Dsus2
I'd just like to hear your voice
Am             G
And pretend to touch
 G           Dsus4     D  
Any inch of you that hasn’t
Am           C 
Said it all or read it all..
G            D              
or sung my life away
And I say..

*Repeat Chorus x 2 For Outro* 

~Chord Diagrams~

e-3-----   e-0------  e-0-----  e-2-----  e-3-----  e-0-----
b-3-----   b-1------  b-2-----  b-3-----  b-3-----  b-3-----
G-0-----   G-0------  G-2-----  G-2-----  G-2-----  G-2-----
D-0-----   D-2------  D-1-----  D-0-----  D-0-----  D-0-----
A-2-----   A-3------  A-0-----  A-0-----  A-0-----  A-0-----
E-3-----   E-X------  E-x-----  E-x-----  E-x-----  E-x-----
  'G'         'C'       'Am'      'D'      'Dsus4'   Dsus4 2
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