• Song:

    Sunday Best

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  • Album:

    All The Stars and Boule...

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Sunday Best
Tabbed by Matthew Akerman.

CAPO on 2!

*this is a very rough tab of this song I just worked, out and there is no lead.
but I might get around to it.*

the intro and verse I think are 

Em9 x22x33, Dsus4 xx0233, G 320033, hammer on to A Cmaj9 x32x33

pre chorus I believe is,

just Em9, Dsus4, Gmaj <- hold the G for abit till the chorus..

chorus is, 

Cmaj9, Dsus4.

and that's all I've got so far, but it sounds pretty good. 
I don't know, it could just be major chords with the lead guitar making all 
the noise in the background, so the song could be like Em, D, G, C, but, if you want to
play it without a lead and have it sound better, play it the way I have it.

comments and suggestions, please send to my e-mail.
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