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Australian Crawl

I noticed that there were no goods tabs for this song and they
were in the wrong key so I did it myself. If you dont know the chords google them.
Big thanks to D. R. Warren from whom i plagairised the lyrics.


Eb	Dmaj7		Eb	Dmaj7


Eb				                 Ebmaj7
Meet me down by the jetty landing
C#				                 Eb  
Where the the pontoons bump and spray
Eb				                 Ebmaj7
I see the others reading, standing
C#		                                 Ab		Eb
As the Manly Ferry cuts its way to Circular Quay

Eb				                   Ebmaj7
Hear the Captain blow his whistle
C#			                            Eb
So long shes been away
Eb				                    Ebmaj7
I miss our early morning wrestle
C#	                             Ab	        Eb
Not a very Happy way to start the day


Fm	        Cm          C#               Ab
She don't like That kind of behaviour x 2


Eb	  Ebmaj7	Cm   Ab
So_____ throw down your guns
Don't be so reckless
Ebmaj7		     Cm
Throw down your guns
Don't be so
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