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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 10:33:40 +1000
From: Russell & Charlie 
Subject: a/australian_crawl/the_boys_light_up.pro

Song: The Boys Light Up
By: Australian Crawl
Album: The Boys Light Up
Transcribed by: Russell Edwards roemcs@melb.alexia.net.au

[Bm] [G] [A] [Bm]		Guitar & harp
[Bm] [G] [A] [Bm]	x 2	+ Bass & drums

[Bm]I wanna tell you 'bout my [G]mountain home
[A]Where all the ladies [Bm]name's are Joan
[Bm]Where husband works back [G]late at night
[A]Hopes are up, for trousers down, with the [Bm]hostess on a business
[Bm]Taxi in a [G]Mercedes drive
[A]I hope that driver's [Bm]comin' out alive
[Bm]The garden it is Dorseted, that [G]lady she's so corseted
[A]She's got 15 ways to [Bm]lead that boy astray
[Bm]Thinks he's one and only, but that [G]lovely she's so lonely
[A]She pumps him full of breakfast, and she [Bm]sends him on his way

What a [Bm]sing, song, dance
What A [A]performance
What a [G]cheap tent show
Oh, [F#]no, no, no, no, no

Then the [Bm]boys light up				)
Then the [G]boys light up				)
Then the [A]boys light up 				) x 2
Then the [Bm]boys light up, light up, light up	)

Break	[Bm] [G] [A] [Bm]

[Bm]Silently she [G]opens the drawer
[A]Mother's little helper is [Bm]comin' out for more
[Bm]Strategically positioned, [G]before the midday show
That [A]back is arched, those lips are parched, [Bm]repeated blow by
And [Bm]later at the party, where [G]all the MP's rave
'Bout the [A]hummers she's been givin', and the [Bm]money that they
To [Bm]her it is skin lotion, [G]him promotion too
That [A]flat in Surfers' Paradise, [Bm]with the ocean view

Pre chorus


Then the boys light up		x 8

Break	[Bm] [G] [A] [Bm]	x 2


Chorus (with echo)		x 1 1/2

Bass in chorus:
   Bm      G       A       Bm
D -----4---------------2-------4---|
A -2-5---5---2-5-2---4---4-2-5---5-|
E ---------3-------5---------------|
Variation of this are used towards the end
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