• Song:

    Killing The Cause

  • Artist:

    Average Joe

Band:  Average Joe
   Song:  "Kill the cause"

     This is a bad-ass song that my friends and I came up with after having a discussion about women. 
this is not suggesting for you to kill your bitch. It is only a song to ease your pain. Enjoy.

     Tuning: Normal
  Attitude: Have 1   6-pack before playing.

         G          C               Am                     G          C                          Am
       Everything is going fine -it seems,    Your evilness thickens the air- that i breath.
       G            C                                      Am           G          C                       Am
      A beautiful smile -another front -for me,   thoughts of your death to set me free- i need.
       G         C                    Am               G        C                                          Am
      Betrayal of love is all you know,    Did you happen to think just how your killing me slow.

      C               G                                          C                    G                    
     your life is lived like a revolving door,      one of these days i hope you hit the floor.
     you crack whore

       G                            D                                       Em
      killing the cause      dont have to deal with your flaws- anymore
       G                            D                                      Em
      killing the cause      let go of the pain that you caused.
                           C                                  G
      and all when i killed you -- with my chainsaw.

     G                  C           Am           G               C             Am
    Now that your gone - im fine,    don't cry anymore - just smile
     G                  C              Am    G         C                      Am
    Hung out all night at the bar, after i buried you in the yard.
               C                                              G         C                             G    
 D                       F
            Won't have to here your shit anymore, but you just had to be so hard core,     you crack whore

                        Chorus Repeat

                                          Have fun with it and sing it to the people you love.
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