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                     We Can't try This Again
                         Avi Buffalo

G (320003@1)   Am(G) (x02210@1)C (x32010@1)                (G)
No one ever said               ex (022000@1)G (320003@1)          Am(G) (x02210@1)C (x32010@1)C/B (x2555x@1)   b0 (x24432@1)We can't try this again        g 0
Am (x02210@1)           D (xx0232@1)             D0 (xx0232@1)Brought it so high             Ax (x02220@1)Am (x02210@1)           D (xx0232@1)             Ex (022100@1)Brought me so high

Spent too much time in there
Don't know just what you saw
So many pills to take
Unless it's your day

They think I'll love again
Or I already have
The seasons make their turns
But we make our own rules

Solo  C (x32010@1)        Am (x02210@1) D (xx0232@1)(Whistle)

How could you take that shit?
Thought you were sick of it
She'll make her rounds
Crush me with sound 
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