• Song:

    Fall to pieces

  • Artist:

    Avril Lavigne

  • Album:

    Live At Budokan

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Fall To Pieces
Please don't be too hard on me, it's my first tab!

Intro:Am, C, G, F,... repeat x2

Verse 1:

Am           C        G               Fmaj7
   I   looked    away,    then   I  looked   back  at   you.

Am            C         G                          
   You   tried   to  say   things  that   you  can't  undo.

 Am             C          G                    Fmaj7
   If   I   had   my   way,  I'd  never  get  over  you.

Am            C            G                          Fmaj7
   A,  today's   the   day    I  pray  that  we    make  it  through,

   make   it   through   the   fall,

   make    it   through  it   all.


  And  I   don't   wanna   fall   to  pieces,

  Am                                       G
  Just   wanna   sit   and   stare  at   you.

  I    don't    wannna   talk  about  it.

  And  I  don't   want   a  conversation,

  Am                                          G
  I   just  wanna   cry   in    front   of   you.

  Dm                                              F(1 strum)
  I    don't   wanna   talk   about  it,  cause   I'm   in   love  with  you.

Verse 2:

Am                 C      G                     Fmaj7
   You're   the  only  one  I'd   be   with  til  the  end.

Am                 C         G                        Fmaj7
    When  I    come   undone,   you   bring   me   back   again.

    Back   under   the   stars,

    back   into   your    arms.



Am             C
   Wanna   know   who   you   are,

G                Em                     F
   wanna    know    where   to   start,

F                          C            G
   I  wanna    know   what   this   means.

   A5             C5                G5
   Wanna   know   how   you   feel,

G5               E5                  F5
   wanna    know   what   is   real,

F5                      C5III      G5    E5       F5
   I    wanna    know   everything,   everything.

Chorus- strum the first three sentences and then continue with the regular beat. You 
the chorus part x2.

At the end when she repeats "I'm in love with you...", it goes

     I'm     in   love   with   you.

    I'm    in   love   with   you.

   Cause   I'm   in    love   with   you,

     I'm    in    love   with    you.

    F(1 strum)
    I'm    in    love    with   you.
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