• Song:


  • Artist:

    Avril Lavigne

  • Album:

    Live At Budokan

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Avril Lavigne: Forgotten
Album: Under My Skin
Tuning: Regular. No capo needed.

    Cm       Eb   Dm   Gm               Cm          Eb
I'm giving up on everything because you messed me up

      Dm         Gm      Cm          Eb
Don't know how much you screwed it up

You never listened 
that's just too bad

Then elec. guitars come in and they are the same chords.

Chorus:         Cm      Eb  Dm     F       Cm        Eb 
       Have you forgotten everything that i wanted

Eb        F                    Cm     Eb
do you forget it now you never got it

Eb      Dm       F
Do you get it now 
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

Verse and chorus the same.

Bridge: Same as the chorus.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
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