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	          One Giant Disappointment - Bad Astronaut

Tabbed By: gorrki1
email: julianprott@web.de

Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

Chords:  Bm      G     A    A#/Bbdim  D
        |-2-|  |-3-|  |-0-|  |---|  |-2-|
        |-3-|  |-3-|  |-2-|  |-2-|  |-3-|
        |-4-|  |-0-|  |-2-|  |-3-|  |-2-|
        |-4-|  |-0-|  |-2-|  |-2-|  |-0-|
        |-2-|  |-2-|  |-0-|  |-1-|  |---|
        |---|  |-3-|  |---|  |---|  |---|

I'm very sure these are the right chords!
Beautiful song, have fun!

Bm                   G  
How am I supposed to feel?

  Bm                A
I thought we had an agreement
    G           A
And real or not I believed it

        Bm                      G
Because always we'd ignore your demons

    Bm               A              G
The world is full of victims, prey, disappointment

A               G
And it betrayed you

And you wanted out

     G            A   A#/Bbdim
Yeah you, you got out

Bm                  G
It's a band, it's a bore

Bm                A
You saw something to live for

G               A                         G
I saw more than hands with splinters from sticks

It made me sick

      G                   A            A#/Bbdim
And I still haven't fully comprehended it

This world cannot be saved

True love will not be found

It's all unstable ground

                 F#m   F#
I've always understood

               G     A  
Where you came from

             G      A 
But you were wrong

    A#/Bbdim   G
Yeah we were wrong

G           Bm
It's almost done

It is the last vocal,
                   A              A#/Bbdim 
the last song I'll ever write for anyone

G                 Bm
Because we wanted out

    G            A   A#/Bbdim   Bm
And you, you got out
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