• Song:

    Somewhere Down The Road

  • Artist:

    Barry Manilow

  • Album:

    Greatest Hits Vol. 3

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Somewhere Down The Road

C9               C/E                    F             
We had the right love at the wrong ti—me guess I always knew inside I wouldn't
F/G         G          Csus4                   F      
      Fm                             C/E             Am
have y---ou for a long time those dreams of yours are shining on distant sho--res
Am                 Dm                    C/E                
And if they're calling you aw--ay  I have no right to make you stay but

C9                                             F                       
somewhere down the road our roads are gonna cross again It
 Dm                F/G     G            C9           
doesn't really matter when but somewhere down the ro—ad I
 F                                  C/E        F           
 know that heart of yo--urs will come to s--e---e that
 Dm C/E   F/G G     C7
 you bel---ong with me

Stanza II
C9                         C/E              F       
Sometimes good--byes are not for---ever It doesn't matter if you're gone
Dm           F/G      G            C       
               Fm                        C/E   Am
I still bel--ieve in us toge---ther I understand more than you th--ink I can
Am               Dm                  C/E                    
You have to go out on your own so you can find your way back home


Ab    Bb  C      Dm             C/E         
         Fm7   Bb Gm7     Dm7
Let--ting go Is just another way to say I’ll alw---ays love you so
C9              C/E                     F             C/E
We had the right love at the wrong ti--me
C/E                 Dm        C/E                      
Maybe we've only just begun maybe the best is yet to come Cause
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