• Song:

    Call From The Grave

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Under the Sign: The Sig...

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Bathory - Call From The Grave.

Figure out rhythm and timing.

Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb tuning

Intro Riff
C#5   Ab5   G5   Eb5

Verse Riff
F5   F#5   F5   E5

Post Verse Riff (Same as Intro)
C#5   Ab5   G5   Eb5

Chorus Riff
G5   E5   G5   E5   G5   E5   G5   F#5

Solo Backing
E5   C5   B5   D5

After the Chorus Riff in the ending, hold an F#5 during Quorthon's final scream.
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