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			     Shining On - Big D and the Kid's

Tabbed By : michael newell
e-mail: postsandwich@yahoo.com

Tuning: standard


G |----------|----------|
D |-111------|-11-------|
A |-----3-11-|----3-11--|
E |----------|----------|

and at "so i guess im single now, imagine that", you do

G |------|-----|
D |----1-|--1--|
A |---1--|-1---|
E |------|-----|

then go back to verse

chorus. i'm pretty positive that this isn't right but it's the closest i could get

G |--------0-1-33333-1---------------------|
A |-1111-3-------------3-11111-------------|
D |---------------------------3-1----------|
E |-------------------------------4444-3-1-|

bridge. i couldn't figure out this part cause i'm lazy but i think at least the 
might be

G |-------00-11-33-55-66-88--|
D |-33-11--------------------|
A |--------------------------|
E |--------------------------|

then it gets lower and does some more stuff, then you go to the verse then chorus and if 
have more talent than
me, you might be able to figure out what is actually playing cause it starts out as just 
bass. (run-on sentence*) good luck!

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