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In Christ (Intro)
by Big Daddy Weave
tabbed by Spamblocker1
email: spamblocker1 at the yahoo place
tuning: Standard

There are many different chord charts for this song on the
net. What I couldn't find anywhere was the tablature for
the very cool guitar intro lick. It's not as hard to do as
it may sound; you just have to work to build up speed.

The bottom line is the recommended finger to use. Start by
holding a D chord and go from there. Good luck!

e |--2p0-----------------------------------|
B |------4---------------------------------|
G |--------2p0--------0-2p0----------------|
D |------------0-2-\4-------4-2p0----------|
A |-------------------------------4p0------|
E |----------------------------------------|
     2   3 1     3      2   3 1   3
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