• Song:

    Pretty Little Lie

  • Artist:

    Blackberry Smoke

  • Album:

    The Whippoorwill

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Em        D        G9
Come over here and sit by me
        Am           G9 D
Tell me everything I wanna hear
Em   D            G9
I'll pretend that I don't see
    Am                 G9 D
The reason you're back over here
Em       D         G9
You look cold I'll build a fire
          Am          G9       D
There's a box full of wine in the fridge
Em      D          G9
We want talk about what's his name
            Am    G9     D
That's just water under the bridge

Em            C
Well you made up your mind
    G9              D
But he ain't here with us tonight
   Em      C
So kiss me one more time
G9               D
Cross every "T" and dot every "I"
For your pretty little lie
                   G9 C G9
Your pretty little lie

Em           D        G9
I thought we had this figured out
          Am               G9   D
There was me and there was you and him
Em                 D         G9
I was hoping for a chance to cuss you out
Am                G9   D
But then you came walking in
       Em            D                G9
And it hit me like I ain't never been hit before
        Am             G9 D
I guess one of us will never change
         Em      D          G9
Now it's you and me sittin' on the floor
        Am      G9     D
I'd let you get away with anything

Chorus X2
Yeah you can lie to me
             G9     C G9
Yeah you can lie to me
Come on and lie to me
             G9     C G9
Yeah you can lie to me 
     Em D G9
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