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G5       C5     G5    D5
When the moon is bright on a Saturday night
          G5       C5            D5
There's a million stars in the  sky
     G5       C5        G5      D5
On a winding road her memory flows
C5      G5       D5
She'll face the fact
C5   G5          D5
She wants to go back

    C5         G5               C5      D5
She opens her heart to an old memory
    C5          G5           D5
She closes her eyes and she smiles
     C5              G5         D5           C5
Just ask her if she ever still thinks about me
        G5       D5      C5
She'll say every once in a while
      G5    D5   C5
Every once in a while

2nd verse
    G5        C5          G5          D5
She tries to forget but she hasn't yet
      G5      C5        D5
Not a single day goes by
     G5       C5     G5              D5
That feeling again reminds her of when
C5 G5        D5
I held her tight
C5  G5       D5
It felt so right

repeat chorus

    C5     D5
And Every Once In A While
    G5     D5          C5
She Calls My Name Out Loud
And When She Thinks About Us
C5      G5       D5
She'll Face The Fact
C5   G5          D5
She Wants To Go Back

G5     D5                C5
Every Once In A While
G5     D5                C5
Every Once In A While

OUTRO: E5 A5 E5 B5 Repeat and Fade
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