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Capo 4 
C - C/B - Am7 - G - D/F# 

 G                   C              D             G 
In my High School, we separate the rich from the rest. 
G              C                  Am             D/F# 
Those who wear rags from those who only wear the best. 
G                      C                     D                Em 
And in my High School, they hold assemblies for the football team , 
C         C/B      Am7         G        D/F# 
But never for the kids with different dreams. 

              C                    G       D             Em 
And we've got jocks and we've got smokers, rednecks an' jokers: 
C     C/B    Am7      G     D/F# 
There's a category for us all. 
        C                 G             D                 Em 
And we struggle with our homework, our teachers an' their rules. 
      C       C/B     Am7        G       D/F# 
Yeah, they just think we're adolescent fools. 

In my High School, there's some who think they're tough as they can be. 

But when I look in their eyes, all I see is insecurity. 

And in my High School, there's some who'll wait, then there's some who won't. 

Some that cross those lines an' some that don't. 
We've got ac-heads an' we've got rebels; mostly saints, sometimes devils: 

You see them walkin' up an' down the hall. 

And they struggle with their boyfriends, their girlfriends an' their maths, 

And they long for the bell that gets them out of class. 
In my High School. 

    C        G 
We laugh, we cry; 
    D       Em 
We fall, we fly. 
   D           C                    D  D9  D 
Sometimes we wonder why we're even here. 
   C         G 
We pass, we fail; 
     D    D/D#    Em (bass 2nd fret G string) 
And only time will tell, 
D          C   C/B      Am7          G        D 
If we'll ever make it through these teenage years. 

In my High School, there's some who study for their entrance exams. 

Some who just wanna play guitar in some rock 'n roll band. 

And in my High School, the seniors just cannot wait for June. 

But they don't realise that we grow up way too soon. 
They'll be doctors, they'll be lawyers; teachers an' warriors, 

And they'll live out their dreams, big and small. 

And they'll struggle with their jobs; with their husbands an' their wives, 

And they'll talk about "the best days of their lives", 
            G      C 
In my High School. 
            G      C 
In my High School.
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