• Song:

    Cant Get Enough

  • Artist:

    Blake Aaron Guthrie

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Verse 1
D5 , F#5 , E5
Ive been trying to sleep
But in the silence you speak
Of Your love for me,
As I stumble and fall
Your there through it all your right beside me

D5 , F#5 , E5
Its taken me so long to find,
That the spill of your heart longs to give me life
So Course through these veins one more time

Verse 2
D5 , F#5 , E5
So now Im trying to believe,
Beyond what Ive seen or how Im feeling
Its odd that youd take
Your son to the grave just to save me, O Irony I know (REPEAT PRE CHORUS)

F#5 , E5 , A5 X2
F#5 , E5 , A5 , B5 , D5 , E5
Its something I could never earn
Its something I dont deserve
Its the love that you give, and its all that I want
-I just cant get enough
-I just cant get enough
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