• Song:

    I Dont Care

  • Artist:

    Blake Shelton

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INTRO: D  Em  A   D  Em  A

          D                                            Em       A
There she was, laughin, talkin, window shoppin' with a new guy
               D                                                         Em       A
And I'd heard about him , I heard she found him right around when we said goodbye
      Bm                  A              G
And I came real close and almost lost my temper
      Bm             A              G       A
But I bit my tongue, kept my cool, 'cause I remembered

        D               G
I don't care, she don't matter
        D                    G            A
I don't love her anymore, he can have her
  Bm                A                Bm          A
I don't know why it slips my mind, I tell myself all the time
Em                          A                          D
Guess I forgot again, for a second there, that I don't care


Almost ten, shoulda known his car would still be parked in her drive
Almost pulled in, knocked on her door and gave her a piece of my mind
Oh but I just kept on drivin' back to my place
Wonderin' why I went so far out of my way, when


      Bm                  A                G
I got home, the light was blinkin' on that old machine
            Bm                A           G
She said my brother's been in town and he just left
      Em                  A7
And I miss you, give me a ring

        D                    G       A
I still care, she's all that matters
        D                                G        A
I still love her just like always, gotta have her
  Bm            A                 Bm               A
I never got her off my mind, been hopin' she would call sometime
Em                     A                               D     Em  A
I know it's late to be drivin' over there, but I don't care

        D    Em  A  D
I don't care
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